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Q: When will human subjects research be allowed to begin again?

A: As of June 16, 2020 in-person research study visits may resume outside clinical care settings under the following conditions outlined by the OVPR.  Please select this link for details: https://covidresponse.research.uiowa.edu/news/2020/06/human-subjects-res...


Q: What is the cancellation policy with COVID screening? If a participant is turned away at the hospital or at the MRI facility on the day of the appointment, will the study still be charged the full amount for the scan?

A: The booking will not be charged in this case.


Q: Are we limited to a single research staff person for running and escorting participants to the MRI Lab?  

A: No. In cases where more than one person needs to escort a participant to the lab we ask that they remain in the assigned changing room during the scan. 


Q: Does the “no guest” policy apply for pediatric imaging?

A: No.  In this case we would like the guardian to return to the participant changing room after the participant is put into the scanner and scanning starts.

Friday, May 29, 2020