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On January 25, 2023 the pad for the new MAGNUS scanner was poured. Construction is progressing for the new neuroimaging scanner
Yan Chen presented her recent work on motion compensated multi-contrast imaging and reconstruction.
Publication showing high resolution cerebellar imaging from our GE MR950 scanner.
Recent findings by our group were highlighted in the Medicine Iowa Magazine
Upgrade of the 7T scanner was recently featured in the GE Sign Pulse Magazine
"Field monitoring: Directly measuring the dynamic field within the MR scanner to improve image quality" The scanner’s dynamic field (gradients and transient fluctuations) directly influences image quality. Transient field fluctuations caused by system non-idealities and physiological coupling to...
"Modeling, Design and Performance of Parallel Transmit and Stretchable Receive Arrays"
"Measuring Ventilation and Gas Exchange Rates with Hyperpolarized 129Xe Gas During Tidal Breathing"
"Shake, Rattle and Jellyroll: Measuring mechanical properties of the hippocampus with magnetic resonance elastography"