MSTP Grand Rounds

The MSTP Grand Rounds Series was conceived as a vehicle to showcase not only the MSTP program, but also to highlight the important biomedical research of University of Iowa investigators.  These approximately 50-minute presentations are divided into two integrated sections:  the first is a clinical presentation describing an interesting case and the relevant diagnostic information (laboratory tests, biopsies and imaging studies).  The second section is a scientific presentation of a focused avenue of research directly related to the case; it may be in the area of diagnosis, pathogenesis, or therapeutic intervention.  

Grand Round presentations are made by MSTP students with advising from a faculty committee.  See the Grand Rounds Guidelines for more information. 

Previous MSTP Grand Rounds


"Facial Droop:  the race to find the culprit"

Shakoora Sabree, M3G
Kelly Falls Hubert, M5G


"The curse of Dasypodidae: a hunt for a diagnosis"

Keyan Zarei, M5G
Drew Voigt, M3G


"Moving Toward an Answer:  Resolving a Bradykinetic Mystery"

Wade Gutierrez, M3G
Sasha Tereshchenko, M5G

5/31/2017 “Staying Balanced: The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it”

Michael Zhang, M6G
Lori Wheeler, M6G 
9/23/2016 “Staying Balanced: The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you've lost it”

Michael Zhang, M5G
Lori Wheeler, M5G 
4/16/2016 “Here, there be Monsters: A Case of Sudden Neurological Distress”

Eric Monson, M5G
Dan Fox, M6G 
1/15/2016 “A New Year's Toast: Confusion with a Twist”

Kale Bongers, M6G
Marie Kim, M5G 
12/4/2015 “With Friends like These...”

Gwen Clay, M6G
Nurbek Mambetsariev, M5G 
11/6/2015 “Interference with Interferon: A Case of Lost Signals”

Tyler Rasmussen, M6G
Katy Proch, M5G 
1/7/2015 “A Lick with Bite: Pasteurella multocida meningitis in neonate following incidental exposure to pet dog”

Jones Nauseef, M6G
Madeliene Stump, M5G