Legal & Conflict-Resolution Services

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services provides high quality, affordable legal advice and representation. Whether you have questions regarding an alcohol offense, are considering a divorce, or need consultation before signing a lease or contract, our professionally-trained staff is ready and willing to help you. Book an appointment with us today 319-335-3276.

We serve University of Iowa students and advice is free. Know your rights.

Office of the Ombudsperson (Conflict Resolution & Mediation Services)

The Office of the Ombudsperson is a resource for any member of the university community - including students, faculty, and staff – with a problem or concern. We provide informal conflict resolution, mediation services and advocacy for fair treatment and fair process.

We offer a safe place to discuss conflicts or any concerns you might have about the university or its policies or procedures, and we will answer your questions, help you figure out your options, refer you to other offices if necessary, and help you resolve your concerns (see How We Can Help). The University of Iowa Operations Manual prohibits retaliation against staff, faculty and students for contacting the Ombuds office (see Job Security and Protection of Students).

See the page "Top Ten Reasons Why People Don't Consult the Ombuds Office"

Services are Confidential, Neutral, Informal, and Independent