Veteran Services

Military and Veteran Student Services

The purpose of our office is to not only help veterans adjust to life at a large public university but to also assist them in becoming active and contributing members of the general campus population. While we understand and are prepared to provide the complex and diverse services needed by some of our returning veterans, we also realize that the vast majority of veterans attending UI excel and thrive in the university setting. We see it as our charge to engage our entire population and provide them with the resources they need to achieve unbridled success in any endeavor – be it academic, professional or personal. Here at the University of Iowa, we truly understand what it is like to serve and continue to honor that commitment every day.

Our counseling and consultation services are confidential and provided without charge.

University of Iowa Veterans Association (UIVA)

The University of Iowa Veterans Association (UIVA) is a group of veterans and supporters interested in helping veterans and returning reservists at The University of Iowa adjust to and integrate into University life. Additionally, the group aims to support persons still serving as well as their families, and to raise awareness among fellow students of the daily sacrifices made on their behalf.

This is not a pro-war or anti-war group. It is a pro-service member group for veterans, reservists, and supporters. People of all political ideologies are welcome.

The Center is home to the University of Iowa Veterans Association (UIVA), which serves as liaison between the University and student veterans, and works to address issues specific to student veterans.

We are generally open 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday, but calling ahead is advisable (319) 384-2020, (319) 335-3152. Visit the UIVA Facebook page.

The Veterans Center is staffed by veterans and is designed to ensure that student veterans at the University receive all benefits to which they are entitled.

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