Housing options in the Iowa City/Coralville area are many and varied. Whether they choose to rent or buy, residents and their families can choose from a variety of neighborhoods that include historic districts, urban settings, suburban developments, and country spreads. The Iowa City/Coralville area combines a sense of history and preservation with growth and new development, all within easy access to the UI Hospitals and Clinics.

Cost of Living Index

Iowa City's cost of living compares favorably with other cities that boast Big Ten universities. For residents relocating from some of the nation's largest cities, a pleasant surprise is in store when they find their money goes a bit further in a convenient setting like Iowa City.

Cost of living : higher value = higher cost of living (100 = national average), (70 = Iowa City):

  • Ann Arbor, MI: 107
  • Chicago, Il: 96
  • Kansas City, MO: 55
  • Omaha, NE: 60
  • Winston-Salem, NC: 56
  • Durham, NC: 66
  • San Francisco, CA: 208
  • Los Angeles, CA: 145
  • St. Louis, MO: 72
  • Madison, WI: 97
  • Oklahoma City, OK: 62
  • Houston, TX: 60
  • Dallas, TX: 84
  • State College, PA: 66

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