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COVID-19 Information for College of Medicine Researchers

Guidelines for Researchers

The three main features of how we will operate are:

  1. Come to work healthy. Stay home if you are ill and call the University Employee Health Clinic (UEHC) at 319-356-3631 if you have symptoms of COVID-19, such as fever, sore throat, or cough.
  2. Work together, apart. Social distance whenever possible.
  3. Protect yourself and others with proper PPE and regular cleaning of contact areas.


  • Face masks are encouraged but not required in CCOM spaces.  Face masks are required in all patient care areas and hospital public spaces. 
  • Paper face masks are available at building entrances.  Please notify UI Facilities Management if a mask station is empty.  


  • Avoid sharing food and eating together, including individually packaged items. Try to stagger eating times in break areas to avoid crowding and use plexiglass dividers when eating. 
  • Consider using virtual meetings when meeting in person is not necessary.  If you do meet in person, masks are required in spaces within patient care facilities, and encouraged in CCOM locations. FOOD SHOULD NOT BE CONSUMED DURING MEETINGS. 


  • Signage informing social distancing and other announcements are prominent at entrances. Face mask reminders, hand washing reminders, and health check status reminders, are posted near entrances/exits throughout the buildings. 
  • There are hand sanitizing and face mask stations at most building entrances.
  • Spray bottles remain available for labs and offices from the CCOM Office of Research.  Contact Sonya Housholder for more information.. 

Custodial services:

​In August 2020, Facilities Management rearranged their custodial services teams to meet new protocols related to COVID and the Fall 2020 Steps Forward for returning education staff and students.  As a result, office cleaning (once monthly trash and recycling disposal as well as vacuuming of floors) was suspended.  Individuals in private, faculty, research or administrative OFFICES should bag their trash as needed and place in the hallway outside of the door. If you need your office vacuumed or spills cleaned up, please submit a request to FM@YourService via phone at 335-5071 or the online portal at https://www.facilities.uiowa.edu/services/fmyourservice.  There are no changes to cleaning protocols for research LAB spaces. Trash, recycling and biohazard pick-up remains the same.

Employee FAQs: Modifying our safety precautions due to increased COVID-19 in the community.  Updated 3/30/2022