Forms and Usage Rates


The following forms must be completed and submitted to the NMR Facility prior to beginning a project or using equipment.

Usage Rates*

At the most recent meeting of the Structural Biology Advisory Committee, the decision was made to increase the rate for assistance by NMR Facility staff from $25/hour to $50/hour. We will begin charging this new rate effective May 1, 2009. Hourly rates from instrument time will remain unchanged.


Without Staff Support
With Staff Support
Short Term rate
(<24 hours)

Long Term Rate 

(>24 hours)

Personal Assistance 

(additional charge)
Entire Support
Bruker 500 $5 /hour $4 /hour $25 /hour $100 /hour
Varian 600 $6 /hour $5 /hour $25 /hour $120 /hour
Bruker 800 $10 /hour $8 /hour $25 /hour $150 /hour

*Investigators will be billed for unused time scheduled if appointment is not cancelled 24 hours prior.