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2016 Diabetes and Obesity Talks

DateSpeakerTalk Title
1/4/16Helena Laroche, MD, University of Iowa

Obesity Prevention: Family and Enviromental Approaches

1/11/16Peter Nau, MD, MS, University of Iowa

Metabolic Surgery: The gold standard for the treatment of obesity in 2016

1/25/16William Lowe, MD, Northwestern University

Metabolomics & Genomics: New Insights into Maternal Metabolism and Fetal Growth

2/8/16Alyssa Hasty, PhD, Vanderbilt University

A Novel Role for Adipose Tissue Macrophages in Iron Metabolism

2/15/16David Pagliarini, PhD, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Mitochondrial proteins, pathways, and pathogenesis

2/22/16David D'Alessio, MD, Duke University

Is GLP-1 a hormone: Whether and When?

2/29/16Julie Lumeng, MD, University of Michigan

Stress, Eating Behavior, and Obesity in Low-Income Children

3/1/16Sam Klein, MD, Washington University

Metabolically normal and abnormal obesity

3/7/16Ana Maria Cuervo, MD, PhD, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Aging of the autophagic system: metabolic consequences

3/21/16Mary Elizabeth Patti, MD, Harvard University

Intergenerational Programming of Metabolic Disease

3/28/16Frank Duca, PhD, University of Toronto, Canada

The Role of Intestinal Nutrient Sensing in Obesity and Diabetes

3/29/16Miguel Lopez, PhD, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Hypothalmaic lipotoxcity: a new pathological mechanism for obesity

4/11/16Joseph Bass, MD, PhD, Northwestern University

Genome Regulation by the Circadian System in Behavior and Metabolism

4/25/16Bret Goodpaster, PhD, Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute

Skeletal Muscle Insulin Resistance

5/2/16Marcelo Nobrega, MD, PhD, University of Chicago

Genetic regulatory variation and human diseases

5/9/16Sayeed Ikramuddin, MD, University of Minnesota

Clinical Impact of Bariatric Surgery

5/16/16Aaron Cypress, MD, PhD, MMSc, National Institutes of Health

The Multiple Physiological Roles for Human Brown Adipose Tissue

5/23/16Alan Saltiel, PhD, University of California, San Diego

Inflammatory links between obesity & Type 2 diabetes

6/6/16Eleftheria Maratos-Flier, MD, Harvard University

The Complex Biology of FGF21

6/13/16Rajan Sah, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

How does fat feel? Mechano-signaling in the adipocyte and beyond

6/20/16Kamal Rahmouni, PhD, University of Iowa

Can a Defective Antenna Cause Obesity? Role of Ciliary Proteins in Energy Homeostasis

7/11/16Wei Bao, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Maternal nutrition and gestational diabetes: opportunities for prevention

7/18/16Andrew Judge, PhD, University of Florida

Intracellular Mechanisms of Skeletal Muscle Pathology in Cancer Cachexia

7/25/16Vinit Mahajan, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Translational Biomarker Approaches to Modeling Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy in the Eye

8/1/16Julien Sebag, PhD, University of Iowa

MRAP2: Controlling Energy Homeostasis Beyond the Melanocortin System

8/8/16Qiong Wang, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern

Stage and region-specific regulation of adipose tissue expansion


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Robert Piper, PhD, University

Matthew Potthoff, PhD, University of Iowa


Potential Effectors of Glut4 translocation

Endocrine Control of Macronutrient Intake by the Liver


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Justin Grobe, PhD, University of Iowa

Vitor Lira, PhD, University of Iowa


Anaerobic Resting Metabolism & the Gut Microbiota

Muscle ULK1 & ULK2: Regulation of substrate oxidation and selective autophagy


Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients:

Peter Snyder, MD, University of Iowa

Aloysius Klingelhutz, PhD, University of Iowa


Epithelial Sodium Channel Regulation by Glucose: A Potential Link between Diabetes and Hypertension

Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Agonists Disrupt Adipocyte Function: Potential Role in Diabetes

9/12/16Todd Manini, PhD, University of Florida

mtDNA variants, activity energy expenditure and aging

9/19/16Xiaoyong Yang, PhD, Yale University

Nutrient Sensing and Metabolic Communication

9/26/16Srinivasan Dasarathy, MD, Cleveland Clinic

Molecular mechanisms of impaired skeletal muscle proteostasis in cirrhosis

10/3/16Sherry Pagoto, PhD, University of Massachusetts

The Use of Technology in the Management and Treatment of Obesity

10/10/16Jen-Chywan Wang, PhD, University of California, Berkely

Angiopoietin-like 4 C-terminal Fibrinogen-like Domain as a Metabolic Regulator

10/17/16Rana Gupta, PhD, University of Texas Southwestern

Manipulating the Adipose Lineage to Combat Obesity and Metabolic Disease

10/24/16Claudio Villanueva, PhD, University of Utah

Mechanisms of adaptive thermogenesis

10/31/16Michael Abramoff, MD, PhD, University of Iowa

Diabetes is a neurodegenerative disease in the eye

11/7/16Alan Kim Johnson, PhD, University of Iowa

The role of sensitization and neuroplasticity in the long-term regulation of blood pressure: A new perspective on the etiology of hypertension

11/14/16Do-Hyung Kim, PhD, University of Minnesota

mTOR Regulation of Catabolism

11/21/16Yang Kevin Xiang, PhD, University of California, Davis

Targeting insulin-induced transactivation of beta2 adrenergic receptor in heart

11/28/16Matthew Hirschey, PhD, Duke University

Novel protein modifications targeted by sirtuins control metabolism and insulin secretion

12/5/16Bettina Mittendorfer, PhD, Washington University

Nutrition for cardiometabolic and muscle health

12/12/16Franck Mauvais-Jarvis, MD, PhD, Tulane University

Novel function of the androgen receptor in glucose homeostasis