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Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellows

Current Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellow


Michael Puricelli, MD

Fellowship: Otology/Neurotology, Paparella Ear, Head and Neck Institute, Minneapolis
Residency: Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
MD: University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.
BS, BA: Biological Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies (Physiology and Heath Policy), University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo.

Hobbies and interests
Spending time with family, woodworking, baseball, football, fishing, golf, tennis, camping, and grilling/smoking food

Why did I choose Iowa
World-class faculty with comprehensive clinical training and diverse research opportunities; advanced otologic (cochlear implantation, canal wall reconstruction mastoidectomy etc.) and craniofacial technique training (mandibular distraction, cleft, craniosynostosis etc.) as well as close interdisciplinary collaboration to broaden experience; personal mentorship relationship with faculty taking interest in personal and professional success; excellent record of placement opportunities after fellowship training.





Past Pediatric Fellows

Ahmed Alkhateeb, MD2018

Ahmed Alkhateeb, MD Medical Education: Imam Abdulrahman Bin Faisal University, Dammam, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Post graduate Education: Master of Science, McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Residency Training: Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery, McGill University, Montreal, Canada

Hobbies and Interests:

Squash, biking, cooking, traveling 

Why did I choose Iowa:

Legacy, reputation for excellent training, supportive faculty, lovely people


Past Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellows - Why Choose Iowa?


Abraham Sheffield, MD, PhD

My Pediatric Otolaryngology Fellowship at the University of Iowa was the most enjoyable and educational of any year of my medical training. I had the privilege and responsibility of providing care for each child who came to the Children's Hospital with complex Otolaryngologic needs. I appreciated the autonomy I was given to grow as a surgeon and to teach residents, all the while receiving appropriate supervision and excellent mentoring from the faculty.






Adrian Gooi, MD
The Pediatric Otolaryngology fellowship at the University of Iowa is where I solidified my surgical skills, clinical acumen and expertise in education. Working with the Pediatric Otolaryngology faculty and the wonderful kids was amazing! My wife and I still look back fondly on our memories from Iowa.






Steven Goudy, MD
I chose to do a fellowship at the university of Iowa based on its strong clinical and research background. Learning from the surgeon scientists there gave me a strong clinical foundation and an understanding of how to integrate your clinical and research practice. Everyone within the department and the university was proud to work there, quick to lend a helping hand and all around supportive. 







Glenn Green, MD
My Iowa pediatric otolaryngology fellowship was transformative and provided the foundation I needed to handle complex medical and surgical problems.  It gave me the confidence, skills and strategies necessary to work in the most complicated areas of pediatric otolaryngology as a clinician-scientist.