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Aaron Stence received a travel award to the Association for Molecular Pathology (AMP) 2014 Annual Meeting

December 12, 2014

Aaron Stence

Aaron Stence, ASCP, Clinical Laboratory Scientific Specialist in Molecular Pathology, was awarded one of three travel awards for $1,500 plus complimentary registration to the AMP 2014 Annual Meeting. In addition to the travel award, Aaron was also awarded $500 for the Association of Molecular Pathology Technologist Award for his work with Dr. Deqin Ma, on the poster, BRAF and RAS Mutation Analysis for Thyroid Nodules on Direct Cytology Smears Using Multiplexed Single Nucleotide Primer Extension Assay.

Aaron has been employed in the Molecular Pathology lab since 1999. He plays a critical role in the development of new assays including, but not limited to, optimizing the extraction of DNA from cytology smears and small FFPE tissue, KIT by Sanger sequencing, a panel for the testing of Myeloproliferative Disorder and a translocation panel for sarcomas. He is the second author of 3 papers in 2014 and co-author of multiple abstracts.