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Anatomic Pathology Digital Whole Slide Scanning Services

The division of Anatomic Pathology provides scanning services to create digital whole slide images (WSI) from glass slides. At present, scanning from brightfield microscopy is available. Slides can be scanned at 20X or 40X magnification. The scanner instrument is P1000 from 3D Histech Corporation. Digital slides can be viewed using Caseviewer, 3DHistech’s freely downloadable WSI viewer platform, or other open source programs.

WSI files will be returned to investigators in SSD storage media, along with the glass slides. A removable barcode label will be applied to glass slides before scanning.

Any researcher requesting Anatomic Pathology digital scanning services needs to obtain prior approval from the department. The approval process starts by the researcher submitting the below, completed, form:  Research Application for Digital Scanning Services (RA_Digital Scanning). Viewing the PDF forms in web browsers may limit functionality, please download each form to complete.

After review, Pathology will issue an approval letter. Slides, along with appropriate storage media, if applicable, may be sent to the lab for scanning services.

Invoices are generated through Pathology’s UI Diagnostic Laboratories (UIDL) billing system with monthly debits to your research MFK. Test ordering is not done via standard Epic processes; the laboratory uses a special research ordering process.

Please be aware that Pathology Laboratories are primarily for patient care. Clinical scans will take priority over research scans.

Please contact Susan Stenzel  at (319) 356-2531 or Dr. Rajan  with technical questions or the Pathology Research Coordinator regarding the approval and billing process.  The Digital Lab is located at 5223 Roy Carver Pavilion RCP).