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The comparative pathology laboratory (CPL) provides a wide range of immunohistochemical services including optimization and validation of new markers. The CPL has highly trained and knowledgeable staff that work with investigators to provide the best methods to meet the goals of the project. The pathologist plays an integral role in protocol development and validation.

  • The CPL has a range of immunohistochemical markers that are optimized for use on paraffin embedded tissue (see list below). Many of the markers are compatible with frozen sections but the use of frozen sections should be discussed with a CPL pathologist. 
  • When optimizing new antibodies it is helpful to discuss fixation options with a pathologist prior to tissue collection.
  • Several enzyme based visualization systems are available.
  • Fluorescent detection methods are available for single and multiple label staining. Detection methods should be discussed with a CPL pathologist.

Immunohistochemical Markers

Species abbreviations – M mouse, R rat, F ferret, P porcine

*Many of the antibodies listed are stocked and available in the CPL however some may need to be ordered for your project.

Adipophilin (M)
AE1/AE3 (pancytokeratin) (M, P)
B-Tubulin (M)
B220 (CD45R) (M)
Bcl-6 (M)
Beta Catenin (M)
CD3 (M)
CD31 (M)
CD40 (M)
CD44 (M)
CD68 (P)
c-kit (CD117) (M)
CD138 (M)
Cytokeratin 5/6 (M)
CK18 (P)
Chromogranin (M, F, P)
Cleaved Caspase-3 (M, F, P)
F4/80 (M)
Glucagon (F, P)
IBA1 (M)
Insulin (F, P)
Ki-67 (M, P, F)
MAC-2 (M)
MUC 5B (P)
Myeloperoxidase (MPO) (M, F)
Myosin, Fast (M)
Myosin, Slow (M)
Nitrotyrosine (M)
PAX-5 (M)
P63 (M)
PCNA (M, R, F, P)
PDX-1 (F)
S100 (M)
Smooth Muscle Actin (SMA) (M, P)
Somatostatin (P)
SOX-9 (F)
TdT (M)
Vimentin (M)

Species abbreviations – M: mouse; R: rat; F ferret; P porcine; S Sheep

IHC procedures are optimized for our laboratory conditions; please contact us with questions for submissions.