Ion Channel Pharmacology

Spring Semester, 2018

Course Director

Barry Kasson, PhD
Phone: (319) 335-9954


2/19/18 - 3/28/18
Monday and Wednesday (1:30 - 2:50 pm)
2-224 BSB

Course Schedule

Date Lecturer Topic
Feb 19 Dannen Introduction to Ion Channels
Feb 21 Dannen Neuronal Voltage-gated Cation Channels I
Feb 26 Dannen Neuronal Voltage-gated Cation Channels II
Feb 28 Benson Neuronal ASIC Channels
Mar 5 Usachev Neuronal TRP Channels
Mar 7 Cui Neuronal Anion Channels
Mar 12-16 Spring Break
Mar 19 Benson Drugs Targeting Muscle / Cardiovascular Ion Channels
Mar 21 Dannen Drugs Targeting Neuronal Ion Channels
Mar 26 Kasson/Dannen Discussion / Papers
Mar 28 Final Exam

NOTE: This course also serves as the Block II Neurophysiology (NSCI:4353 / BIOL:4353 / PCOL:6207) for Neuroscience, Biology Psychology and Applied Mathematics graduate students