Dawn Quelle receives NET SPORE DRP award

A major barrier to neuroendocrine tumor (NET) research is the scarcity of well-validated NET cell lines and model systems for study. Dawn Quelle and NET SPORE colleagues (Drs. Bellizzi, Darbro, Fath, and Howe) were awarded a Developmental Research Project (DRP) award for their project, “Development of Shared NET Patient-Derived Xenograft (PDX) Repository.”  Currently, there are no established NET PDX models available to the NET research community, largely because NETs are such indolent malignancies.  There are also very few NET cell lines, with just two pancreatic NET lines and zero ileal NET cell lines available worldwide.  We propose that successful development of NET PDX models and cell lines requires rapid processing of freshly isolated tumors from surgery to mouse implantation and tissue culture (less than 1 hour), and angiogenic stimulation of tumors following implantation.  Successful establishment of ileal, thyroid and/or pancreatic NET PDX tumors and cell lines will provide powerful tools for investigating NET biology, mechanisms of development, biomarkers and novel anticancer therapies.  This would dramatically advance NET research and ultimately improve patient care. 

Friday, September 1, 2017