Basic Pharmacology for Dental Students

Spring Semester, 2017

Course Director

Mario Ascoli, PhD
Phone:  (319) 335-9907


1:00 - 1:50 pm, *2:00 - 2:50 pm (1:00 - 2:20 pm on exam days)
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Galagan 14A Dental Science Building
†Galagan 14B Dental Science Building (1:00 - 2:50 pm)
‡Galagan 14C Dental Science Building (1:00 - 2:50 pm)


Course Schedule

Jan 4AscoliCourse Introduction
Jan 4KassonIntroduction to Pharmacology
Jan 6Kasson‡Introduction to Pharmacology
Jan 6Kasson*‡Drug Absorption and Distribution
Jan 9KassonPharmacodynamics
Jan 11KassonDrug Metabolism and Excretion
Jan 13Kasson    Drug Dose Regimens
Jan 18FisherReceptors and Signaling
Jan 20Ascoli‡Introduction to Antimicrobial Agents
Jan 23AscoliInhibitors of Cell Wall Synthesis; beta-Lactam Antibiotics
Jan 25AscoliInhibitors of Protein Synthesis
Jan 27AscoliAntimetabolites (Antifolates), Quinolones, Metronidazole and Antitubercular Agents
Jan 27Ascoli*Antifungal Agents
Jan 30ChenAntiviral Agents
Feb 1AscoliAntineoplastic Agents I
 Feb 3PROGRESS EXAM I (covers 12 lectures from Jan 4 through Jan 27 -- 36 questions)
Feb 6Ascoli†Antineoplastic Agents II
Feb 8F. QuelleInflammation - Immunomodulators
Feb 10F. QuelleInflammation - Antihistamines
Feb 13F. QuelleInflammation - Non-steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs (NSAIDs)
Feb 15F. QuelleInflammation - Treatment of Ashtma
Feb 17F. QuelleGI Drugs
Feb 20F. QuelleRenal I
Feb 22F. QuelleRenal II
Feb 24StrackIntroduction to the Autonomic Nervous System
Feb 27StrackCholinergic Stimulants, Inhibition of Cholinesterase
Mar 1StrackCholinergic Antagonists
Mar 3PROGRESS EXAM II (covers 10 lectures from Jan 30 through Feb 22 - 30 questions)
Mar 6StrackDrugs Affecting Nicotinic Receptors
Mar 8StrackAdrenergic Stimulants
Mar 10StrackAdrenergic Blocking Agents
Mar 20LampingCentral & Peripheral Mechanisms of Hypertension
Mar 22LampingAntihypertensive Agents
Mar 24LampingCoronary Heart Disease
Mar 27FisherHeart Failure
Mar 29FaraciAntiarrhythmic Agents
Mar 29Potthoff*Anticoagulants, Antithrombotics, Thrombolytic Drugs
Mar 31PotthoffDrugs Used in Atherosclerosis
Apr 3AhlersAntidepressants
Apr 5AhlersAntianxiety Agents/Sedative Hypnotics
Apr 7 PROGRESS EXAM III (covers 12 lectures from Feb 24 through Mar 29 -- 36 questions)
Apr 10AhlersAnticonvulsants
Apr 12AhlersAntipsychotic Drugs
Apr 14AhlersDrugs for Neurodegenerative Diseases   
Apr 17UsachevAnalgesics I - Opioids
Apr 19UsachevAnalgesics II - Opioids and Triptans    
Apr 21KassonInsulin and Anti-diabetic Agents
Apr 24KassonCorticosteroids; Contraceptives
Apr 26KassonAgents That Affect Bone Mineral Homeostasis
Apr 28 PROGRESS EXAM IV (covers 11 lectures from Mar 31 through April 26 -- 33 questions)