Don Morgan receives Board of Regents Staff Excellence Award

Donald Morgan, College of Medicine. Morgan is a research specialist in the Department of Pharmacology in the UI College of Medicine. He has made many contributions toward research and teaching Photo of Don Morganmissions throughout his 38-year career, beginning at the VA Medical Center and then at the UI. His outstanding technical skills have been used in neurophysiological studies in rodents—he is among the very few in the world who can isolate and record the electrical activity from many different nerves found in the rat and in the mouse, making the University of Iowa a world leader in this area. Morgan’s unique surgical skills and creativity have allowed the department to push further the science’s technical boundaries, making it possible to extend the repertoire of the approaches that can be applied in UI studies. Morgan’s work ethic plays a key role in the lab’s productivity; the lab publishes on average six to seven papers per year in highly esteemed journals such as Cell, Cell Metabolism, and Nature Medicine. He has published more than 117 papers during his career. Morgan has trained innumerable graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty over the years, not only at the University of Iowa but also from other national and international institutions.

Thursday, October 12, 2017