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Residents and Faculty Who Became Department Chairs

Faculty MemberRole
John DorseyFormer Chair, Wayne State University
Ondria GleasonChair, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa
Jacques GottliebFormer Chair, Wayne State University
Fritz HennFormer Chair, State University of New York - Stony Brook
Theron HillFormer Chair, University of Tennessee
David LewisChair, University of Pittsburgh
Erich LindemannFormer Chair, Massachusetts General Hospital
William MalamudFormer Chair, Boston University
Henry NasrallahChair, St. Louis University
Albert NorrisFormer Chair, Southern Illinois University
William OrrFormer Chair, Vanderbilt University
Garfield TourneyFormer Chair, Wayne State University
Kari WolfChair, Southern Illinois University
William YatesFormer Chair, University of Oklahoma - Tulsa