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CCOM Innovation Research Grant Program

Purpose:  This Request for Proposals is a Carver College of Medicine (CCOM) funding opportunity that will support innovative, think-outside-the-box ideas that either: a) challenge current dogma, b) originate a new field/technology or new approach to a problem, or c) lead to a new discovery.  These will be high risk/high reward proposals for which little or no preliminary data currently exists.  Subject areas can include the entire continuum of basic, translational, clinical, behavioral, community and outcomes research conducted by CCOM faculty. It is expected that the research would be completed in less than one year.  The goal is to fund highly innovative proposals that need a spark to develop into a substantive new opportunity for scholarship and federal funding. 

Eligibility:  All full time paid CCOM faculty at the level of Assistant, Associate and Full Professor are eligible to apply. 

Award amount:  One-time support up to $10,000 will be available.  It is anticipated that up to 20 awards will be made. 

Application process:

  1. The proposal must not be an incremental extension of a currently funded project.
  2. The research proposal must be limited to a single page (Arial, font size 11) that contains no preliminary data.  The most important component is to frame the question or hypothesis that would challenge current dogma or propose an entirely new approach that has never been attempted.  A brief description of how the study would be conducted should be included.  Given the amount of funding available and the expected completion of the research in less than one year, it is reasonable to propose a single specific aim.  The proposal should be written for a broad audience and avoid excessive use of discipline centric acronyms. 
  3. The identity of the PI and co-Is will be blinded in the review process. Therefore, it is important that the application not be written in a style (to the degree possible) that will reveal the identity of the PI or co-Is.  Thus, avoid phrases such as 'Previously we have shown....(Jones, et al 2010)'. 
  4. The application should include a cover page indicating the identity of the PI and any co-Is, and the title of the proposal.  A brief explanation as to how the funds will be used should be included.  Do not use the cover page to expand upon the proposal.  All the ideas should be bundled into a single separate page.  A separate reference document is allowable as an addendum to the proposal.  Please include an NIH biosketch for the PI only. 
  5. A faculty member may only submit a single application as PI. 
  6. It is not necessary to submit a budget at the time of the initial application. 
  7. The deadline for application submission is December 16, 2019 at noon.  The application should be submitted at https://uiowa.infoready4.com/CompetitionSpace/#competitionDetail/1800014

Review process:

  • Applications that do not meet the above criteria will not be reviewed. 
  • A CCOM review committee of non-conflicted faculty with different research expertise will review the applications and make funding recommendations to the Dean.
  • Applications will be evaluated on their ability to present innovative testable ideas or hypotheses that are conceptually novel and have a strong chance at extramural support if successful. 

Questions should be directed to Erin Brothers, Research Administrator, at erin-brothers@uiowa.edu or 319-353-3619. 


Updated: 11/25/19