Research Symposium

9th Annual FUTURE in Biomedicine Program
Research Symposium
Friday, July 28, 2017
1:00-5:00 pm
Room 1117, Medical Education Research Facility



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1:00 pm - Poster Presentations by Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

1:30 pm - Introductory Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D.

1:40 pm - Amy Doling, PhD - Simpson College, Indianola
Identification of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Type III Secretion System Inhibitors

UI Faculty Host: Tim Yahr, Microbiology

2:00 pm - Ali Tabei, PhD - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
Quantitative analysis of single molecule time series data
UI Faculty Host: Maria Spies, Biochemistry

2:20 pm - Meredith Luttrell, PhD - Drake University, Des Moines
Effect of age and exercise on circulating angioregulatory factors
UI Faculty Host: Darren Casey, Physical Therapy

2:40 pm - Gary Coombs, PhD - Waldorf University, Forest City
Suppression of DNA damage rescues survival in a fly model of Muscular Dystrophy

UI Faculty Host: Lori Wallrath, Biochemistry

3:00 pm - BREAK. Refreshments will be served.

3:10 pm - Adina Kilpatric, PhD - Drake University, Des Moines
NMR strutural studies of calmodulin recognition of the voltage-gated sodium channel 1.2
UI Faculty Host: Madeline Shea, Biochemistry

3:30 pm - Marek Sliwinski, PhD - University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
Ebola Virus in Skin
UI Faculty Host: Al Klingelhutz, Microbiology

3:50 pm - Barbara Christie-Pope, PhD - Cornell College, Mount Vernon
Dopamine Uptake: A link to dopamine-induced degeneration
UI Faculty Host: Rob Cornell, Anatomy and Cell Biology

4:10 pm - Michael Leonardo, PhD - Coe College, Cedar Rapids
Cell-Cell Communication between the two Marine Bacteria Vibrio parahaemolyticus and Shewanella paealeana
UI Faculty Host: Linda McCarter, Microbiology

4:30 pm - Closing Remarks - Madeline A. Shea, Ph.D., Director

POSTER PRESENTATIONS - Class of 2017 Undergraduate Researchers and Better Futures for Iowans Awardees

Cornell College

Nina Kahn, Barbara Christie-Pope, Ph.D. (2017 Senior Fellow) 
and Rob Cornell, Ph.D. (UI Anatomy and Cell Biology) 
Vesicles, Dopamine Toxicity, and Parkinson's Disease

Drake University

Benjamin Mardis, Meredith Luttrell, Ph.D. (2017 Fellow) 
and Darren Casey, Ph.D. (UI Physical Therapy)
Effects of Aging and Acute Exercise on VEGF and TSP-1 Balance

Northwestern College

Byron Noordewier, PhD, 2017 Better Futures for Iowans Awardee
Phage Hunting in the Midwest

Simpson College

Carley Irlmaier, Amy Doling, Ph.D. (2017 Fellow),
Tim Yahr, Ph.D. (UI Microbiology) and NSF REU in Microbiololgy program
Novel Antivirulence Molecules that Inhibit Type III Secretion System Activity in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

University of Northern Iowa

Joseph Tibbs, Ali Tabei, Ph.D. (2017 Fellow)
and Maria Spies, Ph.D. (UI Biochemistry)
Single-Molecule TIRFM and FRET: Computational Methods in the Study of RAD51