Omar Shaban

Omar Shaban
"This program really changed my belief in my abilities to pursue a career in medicine. In 6 weeks I gained confidence, knowledge, and friendship that has lasted me throughout my college career. Before this program I felt lost, but after I felt informed and motivated to pursue my dream and achieve a career in medicine. I would highly recommend for everyone eligible to apply."


Momin Nasir

Momin Nasir
"Participating in SMDEP gave me experiences I would have never thought possible. I was able to learn in depth at what it means to become a healthcare professional and the road it takes to get there."


Waale Gbara

Waale Gbara
"​SMDEP enriched my pre-medical career and allowed me to be a part of community of minority pre health students. Seeing students who looked like me who were also passionate about pursuing a career in medicine really helped validate my aspiration for going to medical school." 


Shyheme McElroy

Shyheme McElroy
“I encourage everyone who is interested in healthcare to apply to the Summer Health Professions Education Program (SHPEP). When I attended SMDEP it was not just a program for me. It was an experience, one that I will never forget. It allowed me to interact with other individuals who also possessed the same passion and drive that I have. It was refreshing to see that I was finally not alone on my journey to make it into the healthcare professions. The other participants become more like family as you all take the same core science and enrichment courses. If allowed to go back, I would without a doubt."