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University of Iowa Department of Surgery Faculty Development

Mission Statement: Create the environment and provide the tools for each faculty member to reach their full potential

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Work Environment

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Bias Awareness

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Personal Balance

Wellness Support
Burnout Prevention


Sonia L. Sugg, MD FACS 
Department of Surgery Officer for Faculty Development, Diversity, and Wellness

Tara Martin

Tara Martin
Administrator for Faculty Development

Academic Career Planning and Mentoring Program

Academic Career Development includes:

  1. Clinical growth
    • Practice Development
    • Skills Mastery
  2. Develop an Academic Niche/Focus
    • Research
    • Education
    • Administration
  3. Develop a regional and national profile

Mentoring Program

The University of Iowa Department of Surgery Formal Mentoring Program is designed for assistant professors and clinical associates. Most successful academic surgeons will have a network of mentors. The clinical mentor(s) will be the division director and colleagues. The departmental mentor will focus on academic career mentoring and other areas. Additional mentors in the network could include research, education, administration mentors, determined by the area of focus of the mentee.

Departmental mentors are carefully selected by department leadership. These Associate Professors or Professors are dedicated, experienced, and excellent role models for junior faculty. They should ideally not be in the same division as the mentee, and will undergo mentor training [link to Mentoring Guidelines], and help the mentee develop a network of mentors.

Mentees should anticipate some time commitment to this process. They will complete an individual development plan (IDP) [Microsoft Office document iconIDP Template.doc], keep their CV updated in the APR system with their assistant’s help, participate in mentee training [FileMentoring Guidelines Surgery.docx], and keep track of mentoring sessions by completing this survey. Tenure track faculty are required to have an active advisory committee that meets quarterly.

The Mentor Mentee Dyad will agree on the terms and goals of mentoring and meet at least quarterly. A no-fault process to change the pairing can occur at any time, but preferably after one year. Contact Tara Martin (tara-martin@uiowa.edu) for assistance.

Leadership Training: Faculty Development Workshops and Lecture Series

Upcoming Speakers:

1/12/2021  Grand Rounds Presentation   Dr. John Keech  “Surgical Simulation”
2/2/2021  Grand Rounds Presentation   Dr. Marcy Rosenbaum  Education Topic TBD
2/10/2021  Faculty Development Workshop  Dr. Marcy Rosenbaum and Patrick Barlow, PhD (OCRME)  Education Scholarship Workshop PDF iconEducational Scholarship and Research.pdf
3/2/2021  Grand Rounds Presentation   Dr. Amy Pearlman  “Gender”
3/30/2021  Grand Rounds Presentation   Dr. Azeemuddin Ahmed  “Negotiation” PDF iconNegotiations-Surgery.pdfPDF iconNegotiations Self-Assessment.pdfFileInformation Based Bargaining Plan-Shell.docxPDF iconNegotiation E-mail.pdf
5/4/2021  Grand Rounds Presentation   Dr. Alan Reed  “$ Concepts in Faculty Development”


Past Events:

10/27/20 Grand Rounds Presentation—Jeff Pettit, PhD: "Conflict Management"

3/3/20 Grand Rounds Presentation—Paul Casella: “Writing for Publication” PDF iconCasella P-Writing for Publication.pdf

2/18/20 Grand Rounds Presentation—Dr. Marta Van Beek: “The Fatigue of Talking About Burnout: Anecdotal Fallacies vs Evidence-Based Interventions” Office presentation iconVan Beek M-Talking about Burnout.ppt

1/6/20 Grand Round Presentation—Dr. Lois Geist “Promotions Cycle and Creating a Promotions Dossier FileFaculty Development and Promotion Tenure.pptx

12/16/19 Faculty Development Lecture—Dr. Ingrid Lizarraga “Turning a Research Idea into a Successful Project with Minimal Resources to Help” FileTurning a Research Idea into a Successful Project.pptx

10/21/19 Faculty Development Workshop—Dr. Lillian Erdahl “Reaching Out: Committees and Networking”

9/16/19 Faculty Development Lecture—Dr. Susan Johnson “Organizing Your Work and Time” FileOrganizing Your Work and Time Surgery.pptx

8/19/19 Faculty Development Lecture—Dr. Lois Geist “Defining Your Niche and Turning it into Scholarship” Office presentation iconTurning Your Niche into Scholarship.ppt

Research Support

The Department of Surgery provides funding for statistical services. Approval for funding requires a proposal submission. Please contact Tara Martin for additional details. 

ISCORE - Iowa Surgical Core for Outcomes Research and Evaluation

The ISCORE group is a collaboration of academic surgical scientists dedicated to improving surgical outcomes through comprehensive data driven assessment of outcomes. The group includes investigators engaged in both large data analysis and qualitative research methods. Investigators meet regularly to collaborate on grant development and refinement, methodology development, publication review, and career development.

Leader – Dr. David Axelrod