Molecular Pathology Genetic Testing Instructions


Directions for Ordering

  1. Identify appropriate test from the Test Menu. The Test Menu links to the details about the specific test and the appropriate Molecular Pathology Requisition.
  2. Complete requisition and submit it with the patient specimen.
  3. Shipping information is included on the requisition.
  4. Please contact the Diagnostic Molecular Pathology Laboratory for information regarding test details:
    Deqin Ma, MD, PhD, Molecular Pathology Laboratory Director ( - Phone 319-384-5700
    Molecular Pathology Laboratory Phone - 319-384-9568
  5. Please contact the UIDL Client Services for shipping and billing questions.
    Phone - 866-844-2522
    Toll Free - 866-844-2522
    Fax - 319-384-7213