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CCOM Pop Up IT Support Desk

The IT Pop Up Support Desk will resume starting July 2.  We will setup each Friday from 9-11 on a specific floor in BSB (full schedule below), please feel free to stop by with questions or simply have a cup of coffee.  If the below times don’t work for you, the Technology Assistance Center (TAC) is available M-F 9:00 – 4:00, and can assist with installation and troubleshooting of UI Health Care applications (Remote Access, email, etc) on phones, tablets, and laptops.   

Date                      Time                  bldg & location

2                          9-11 AM              BSB 1st floor Atrium
9                          9-11 AM              BSB 2nd floor Atrium
16                        9-11 AM              BSB 3rd floor Atrium
23                        9-11 AM              BSB 4th floor Atrium
30                        9-11 AM              BSB 5th floor Atrium

6                          9-11 AM             BSB 1st floor Atrium
13                        9-11 AM             BSB 2nd floor Atrium
20                        9-11 AM             BSB 3rd floor Atrium
27                        9-11 AM             BSB 4th floor Atrium

3                          9-11 AM             BSB 1st floor Atrium
10                        9-11 AM             BSB 2nd floor Atrium
17                        9-11 AM             BSB 3rd floor Atrium
24                        9-11 AM             BSB 4th floor Atrium

1                          9-11 AM              BSB 5th floor Atrium
8                          9-11 AM              BSB 1st floor Atrium
15                        9-11 AM              BSB 2nd floor Atrium
22                        9-11 AM              BSB 3rd floor Atrium
29                        9-11 AM              BSB 4th floor Atrium

5                          9-11 AM               BSB 1st floor Atrium
12                        9-11 AM               BSB 2nd floor Atrium
19                        9-11 AM               BSB 3rd floor Atrium 

3                          9-11 AM               BSB 4th floor Atrium
10                        9-11 AM               BSB 5th floor Atrium
17                        9-11 AM               BSB 1st floor Atrium

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to attend all University of Iowa–sponsored events. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to participate in this program, please contact Shannon Manley in advance at (319)384-4769 or shannon-manley@uiowa.edu