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Deeded Body Program

2021 Memorial Service

Dr. John Engelhardt, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, at the UI, gave the welcoming and closing remarks.

The University of Iowa, Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology, Deeded Body Program, held its annual memorial service for those individuals whose bodies we utilized for educational and research  purposes at the UI during the past year, was scheduled at 1:30 pm, on Friday, September 18, at St. Andrew Presbyterian Church, Iowa City, Iowa.  However, due to the covid 19 pandemic the service was prerecorded.  The service honored those whose donated bodies aided in the advancement of medical education and science at the UI through studies completed over the past year.

Please join us for the

2022 Memorial Service

Friday, September 23, 2022 at 1:30 pm

Oakland Cemetery

Iowa City, Iowa

The Need for Anatomical Gifts in Medical Education and Research

The study of human anatomy constitutes an indispensable component of medical education and research. Continual anatomical gifts are essential to the teaching of medical and dental students, postgraduate physicians, nurses, physical therapists, and students in related disciplines.  Any competent person over 18 years of age may donate his or her body for medical education and research.

The Deeded Body Program is sincerely committed to establishing a dignified, compassionate, and comforting relationship with each of its donors and their families.