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Graduate Student Ambassadors

Members of our Graduate Student Ambassador Program are available to answer questions and provide information about graduate student life, academic programs and student activities.  They are happy to share their own personal experiences as graduate students at the University of Iowa. Feel free to connect with them through their email addresses below.

Ambassadors look forwarding to helping you by answering your questions (including but not limited to):

  • Biomedical Science Program & Subprogram Specifics – Activities, events, courses, research rotations and networking.
  • Student Experience & Perspective –Support services, resources, professional development opportunities and collegiality.
  • Relocating to the Iowa City metro area – Places to see and explore on and off campus, where to go for recreation, relaxation, great food and shopping.
  • Sharing what makes the University of Iowa outstanding for PhD training

Ambassadors request that you please contact the Biomedical Science Graduate Program at BiomedSci-Admissions@uiowa.edu if you have questions regarding your admissions status or admissions decision.  

First Name Last Name Email  Biomedical Science Subprogram Mentor
Sarina Murray sarina-murray@uiowa.edu Cancer Biology Shujie Yang, PhD
Danielle Talbot danielle-talbot@uiowa.edu Cell and Developmental Biology Tina Tootle, PhD
Samantha  Wuebker samantha-wuebker@uiowa.edu Cell and Developmental Biology Eric VanOtterloo, PhD
Suryamin Liman suryamin-liman@uiowa.edu Free Radical and Radiation Biology Mitchell Coleman, PhD
Mekhla Singhania mekhla-singhania@uiowa.edu Free Radical and Radiation Biology Douglas Spitz, PhD
Qierra Brockman qierra-brockman@uiowa.edu Molecular Medicine Rebecca Dodd, PhD
Joseph Vecchi joseph-vecchi@uiowa.edu Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Marlan Hansen, MD
Cierra Boyer cierra-boyer@uiowa.edu Pharmacology Samuel Stephens, PhD
Emese Kovacs emese-chmielewski@uiowa.edu Pharmacology Marie Gaine, PhD
Tam  Nguyen tam-nguyen@uiowa.edu Pharmacology Yuriy Usachev, PhD