The UI Biomedical Science Program (BSP) offers 300+ faculty laboratories under the diversity of a large umbrella program. Students conduct groundbreaking research on a vibrant, innovative and inclusive campus that consistently ranks among the top public institutions in the country in research activity, federal funding, graduate education, and core facility support. The Biomedical Science Program (BSP) is a first-year umbrella program supporting matriculation into any of these seven PhD subprograms. Successful completion culminates with a PhD granted in Biomedical Science and affiliated to a respective subprogram—for example, PhD, Biomedical Science (Pharmacology).  Six closely related PhD programs - Genetics, Biochemistry, Human Toxicology, Immunology, Microbiology and Neuroscience - complete the complement of biomedical PhD programs on the campus.


Subprogram Contact
Cancer Biology Alicia Denman
Cell and Developmental Biology Julie Collins
Experimental Pathology Vladimir Badonivac
Free Radical and Radiation Biology Andrean Simons-Burnett, PhD
Molecular Medicine Maggie Grell-Davis
Molecular Physiology & Biophysics Carrie Stasch
Pharmacology Pharmacology Admissions


Related Graduate Programs offered at the University of Iowa include - Biochemistry and Molecular Biology,  GeneticsHuman Toxicology, Immunology, Microbiology,  and Neuroscience.