Summer Undergraduate Research Programs

The University of Iowa offers undergraduates from diverse collegiate and ethnic backgrounds opportunities for summer research in biomedical sciences. Participants are generally provided a travel allowance, housing, and stipends. Students can choose from the formal summer research programs or contact faculty directly to inquire if an individual arrangement can be coordinated during the summer months. Research participants in both cases have the opportunity to participate in

  • weekly seminar program designed specifically for them
  • A morning learning the ins and outs of the grad school application process for young researchers that instructs
    • what to expect when completing your application
    • how to be competitive and make your application stand out
    • what admissions committees look for in potential students
    • personal and research statements - what are they and what to (and not to) include
    • plus much more!
  • Social events so participants can meet their peers and interact with faculty in an informal setting; and
  • The Summer Undergraduate Research Conference (SURC) which provides a wrap-up for the summer research programs and offers students a great experience in presenting their work to their peers, colleagues and mentors across campus