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FAQs: Mini Medical School

Where can I park on the UI campus?

Parking is available at the Newton Road Parking Ramp on the UI campus. Upon check-in, you will receive a time appropriate parking pass for the event;  participants are required to pay for parking fees beyond the parking pass allotment. Parking rates at the University of Iowa are set by Parking and Transportation Services. Participants who may choose to park in metered parking are responsible for paying meters and any subsequent tickets they may receive while illegally parked.

A map to the Medical Education and Research Facility (MERF) and Newton Road Parking Ramp is available online.

How much does it cost?

$20 per person tuition covers all three weeks of lectures, course materials, food, and parking.

How often do you have these?

We host multiple community education programs locally, statewide, and nationally for the adult learner. The three-week Mini Medical School series is held annually in Iowa City each spring. The schedule for additional programs will vary from year to year. To view programs in your area please visit our upcoming events page.

May I bring kids?

To provide an optimal experience for all participants, Mini Medical Schools are recommended for those ages 15 and older as the content is at a higher level for most under that age. Children are not recommended as they can sometimes be a distraction to their parents and others in the audience. 

Will we receive printed copies of the presentation?

In an effort to be more environmentally conscious and to save on costs, we do not print copies of the presentations. If we receive permission from the presenters, the presentation slides will be made available online as well as any other supplemental information and handouts. 

Are refreshments served at your programs?

We typically offer refreshments prior to the program. The refreshments are as nutritious as possible and suits a wide range of preferences. Food and beverage are not allowed in the Mini Medical School auditorium on the University of Iowa campus.

I'd like to review the presentations before each class? Is this possible?

If we receive permission from the presenters, the presentation slides will be made available via email either pre or post event, as well as any other supplemental information and handouts. 

What if I didn't sign up for the pre-program session? May I still attend?

The pre-program sessions will be available for walk-ins on a first-come, first served basis. When you arrive for check-in, please ask the Collegiate and Community Relations staff if capacity remains.

Why are the presentations available for download sometimes different than the presentations the speakers use?

Presenters sometimes make last-minute additions and adjustments to their presentations after they have been shared.

Why is video- or audio-taping of class sessions not always available?

Some Mini Medical School presentations are the intellectual property of our faculty members. Audio- or video-taping the Mini Medical School presentations constitutes an infringement of copyright laws. Our experts are happy to present their knowledge and research within the context of the Mini Medical School classroom setting and in some cases will allow us to record their presentation. 

What is offered during the pre-program sessions?

Prior to the Mini Medical School, we frequently offer the opportunity to participate in a variety of interactive activities. Some of these mini-sessions include: engaging with current medical students, exploring the latest in medical education curriculum or medical devices, or learning about current research projects. 

Are continuing education units (CEU) or academic credits available to Mini Medical School students?

Formal credit is not available through Mini Medical School. However, you may submit information to your CEU granting agency and request credit on your own.

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