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Aliasger Salem

Name: Aliasger Salem

Title: Bighley Professor and Division Head

Focus Area: Research

Email: aliasger-salem@uiowa.edu

Office Number: 319-335-8810

Campus Address: S228 PHAR

Aliasger Salem, Ph.D, is the Bighley Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Head of the Division of Pharmaceutics and Translational Therapeutics (PTT) at The University of Iowa College of Pharmacy. Aliasger Salem is also the Leader of the Cancer Signaling and Experimental Therapeutics (CSET) Program at the Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center (HCCC), University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. Aliasger Salem was educated in Applied Chemistry at Aston University of Science and Technology, Birmingham, UK (BSc 1998). He received his Ph.D. in Pharmacy at the University of Nottingham, UK in 2002. He then received postdoctoral training at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore until 2004. Aliasger Salem's research is currently focused on exploring the development of scaffolds and drug and gene delivery systems for bone and other tissue regeneration.