Facility Instrumentation

The Crystallography Facility offers a wide variety of instrumentation including facilities for x-ray data collection, light scattering, crystallization and data manipulation.

Size Exclusion Chromatography

Three Bio-Rad DuoFlow FPLC systems at 4 °C and room temperature with Superdex 30, Superdex 75, Superdex 200, Superose 6, Sepharcryl S-200 columns from GE

Light Scattering   

DynaPro NanoStar (Wyatt Technology) with additional static light scattering detector and temperature control

Biolayer Interferometry (BLI)

Octet RED96 (ForteBio) for studying protein:protein and protein:DNA interactions

Differential Scanning Fluorimetry/Thermal Shift Assay

CFX96 RT-PCR (BioRad) for protein stability studies

Crystallization Instruments

Tecan Genesis liquid handler RSP 150/8 for dispersing commercial crystallization well solutions

TTP Labtech Dragonfly for setting up customized crystallization well solutions

Formulatrix Rock Imager 2 system for visualizing crystallization drops post set-up

TTP LabTech Mosquito for setting up crystallization drops

X-ray Instrumentation

2 Rotating anode (RUH3R) Rigaku generators

2 R-AXIS IV++ Rigaku x-ray detectors

Rigaku X-stream and Oxford Cryostream 700 for cryogenic (100K) data collection

4DX Systems Microspectrophotometer for absorbtion measurements on single crystals

Synchrotron Access

Advanced Light Source

The Carver College of Medicine has invested a 1/10 share in the 4.2.2 synchrotron beam line located at the Advanced Light Source in the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. The synchrotron is tuned to produce high intensity x-ray radiation and the beam line end station is set up to collect x-ray diffraction data to determine three-dimensional structures of proteins that are hard to carry out at home. Reserved time is available at this facility and enables researchers to remotely perform crystallographic structure determinations faster at much higher quality.

Data Workstations and Storage

Linux-based workstations with stereo 3D capability for processing and visualization are available for investigator use.

Netgear ReadyNAS X-Raid2 dual redundant file storage for all data collected


VR-Dual 1000 stereoscopic 3-D projector system for presentations and teaching