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Investigator Resources

The following resources have been developed to assist Crystallography Facility investigators in the use of the laboratory.

User and Project Information Form

Investigators must complete the User and Project Information form prior to beginning work with the facility. The form provides the facility with contact, billing and project information.

Online Instrument Scheduling

Investigators can reserve instrument time online on QReserve


Guidelines from the Association of Biomolecular Resourse Facilities


The CCOM Core Facilities receive significant financial support from the Carver College of Medicine. This support funds a majority of equipment purchase/maintenance/upgrades and facility personnel salaries. As a result of this support, the charge rates for users of the Facilities can be kept affordable. On behalf of the Dean of the Carver College of Medicine, we request all scientific publications using the resources of the Protein and Crystallography Facility include a statement in the acknowledgements section along the following lines:

"We would like to acknowledge use of resources at the Carver College of Medicine’s Protein and Crystallography Facility at the University of Iowa."

For the Octet equipment:

"This project is supported by The Holden Comprehensive Cancer Center at The University of Iowa and its Natioanl Cancer Institute Award P30CA086862."


Collection of data by Core personnel without involvement in its interpretation does not warrant authorship. Such contributions could, however, be recognized in the acknowledgements section along the following lines:

"We would like to acknowledge XYZ's help in collecting ABC data."


For substantial intellectual and/or experimental contribution to a publication, the scientific Core personnel may deserve authorship. Activities for which authorship may be suitable include substantive contributions to the project towards any of the following:

a. Intellectual input to the design and development of the project.

b. Experimentation, data analysis and data interpretation beyond investigator's level of expertise.

c. Contribution to the manuscript beyond the Materials and Methods section.

Molecular Biology Consortium

Synchrotron access at beam line 4.2.2 at ALS, Berkeley