M. Nedim N. Ince, MD

Contact Information: 

Office: 4546 JCP 
Phone: 353-7797
Faculty Profile 

Brief description of current research:

 Obesity and insulin resistance - which predispose to diabetes mellitus - are associated with inflammation. We propose to prevent obesity or diabetes mellitus by suppressing inflammation in fat tissue. We are particularly interested in a group of white blood cells, named regulatory T lymphocytes that suppress inflammation in fat. We also have data that abnormal function of regulatory T lymphocytes predisposes to obesity.  Our studies can lead to the development of novel medications, which - by stimulating regulatory T lymphocytes - reduce the incidence and prevalence of obesity and diabetes mellitus.

 3 most influential diabetes/obesity/metabolism publications:

  • Li Y, Liu W, Chen HL, Zavazava N, Weiner GJ, Urban JF, Blumberg RS, Blazar BR, Elliott DE, Ince MN. Interleukin-4 directs helminth-induced TGFb production and TGFb-dependent suppression of graft-versus-host disease. J Immunol 2018, 201:2910
  • ​Li Y, Liu W, Chen HL, El Abiad R, Urban JF, Kaplan MH, Pesu M, Creemers J, Weiner GJ, Elliott DE, Blazar BR, Ince MN. STAT6 and furin are successive triggers for the development of T helper 3 lymphocytes. J Immunol 2018, 201:2612
  • Li Y, Chen HL, Henry M, Bannick N, Holm AN, Metwali A, Blazar BR, Urban JF, Weiner GJ, Rothman PB, Elliott DE, Ince MN.  Intestinal helminths regulate acute lethal graft versus host disease in mice and preserve graft versus tumor effect in mice.  J Immunol 2015, 194:1011.


“Coincidence is logical”  - Johan Cruyff