Helena Laroche, MD, MS

Contact Information

Office: 161 VAMC Building 42 
Phone: 319-158-7711 
Faculty Profile

Brief description of current research:

Dr. Helena Laroche focuses on family and community-oriented obesity prevention. Her current work includes many different projects and when appropriate draws on community-based participatory research principles (CBPR). One study looks at how adults’ diets change as they have children using the CARDIA study dataset. She is also just completing data collection on a pilot CBPR project to improve the nutritional value of foods offered at school concession stands for high school sporting events. She is also beginning work on a pilot project to target obesity prevention toward families with children where one adult already has type 2 diabetes. This project uses a community health center as the base for reaching these families and will work with other community organizations to provide nutrition physical activity resources and education for these families.