William Sivitz, MD

Contact Information

Office: E422 GH 
Phone: 319-353-7812 
Faculty Profile

Brief description of current research:

My research interests include the control of cellular energy utilization with emphasis on mitochondrial function as affected by diabetes and obesity. I am also investigating the mechanisms by which mitochondria regulate reactive oxygen production and the relationship of oxygen radicals to the pathophysiology of diabetes and obesity. My laboratory has extensive experience and has generated several publications regarding mitochondrial function in both the isolated organelles and intact cells. I have also carried out investigator initiated clinical research in obesity and diabetes and participate in multi-centered clinical trials as Iowa site PI.

3 most influential diabetes/obesity/metabolism publications:

  • Sivitz, W.I., DeSautel, S.L., Kayano, T., Bell, G.I., and Pessin, J.E.:  Regulation of the Glucose Transporter mRNA in Insulin Deficient States.  Nature, 340:72-74, 1989.
  • Haynes, W.G., Morgan, D.A., Walsh, S.A., Mark, A.L., and Sivitz, W.I.:  Receptor-Mediated Regional Sympathetic Nerve Activity by Leptin.  Journal of Clinical Investigation, 100:270-278, 1997.
  • Yu L, Fink BD, Herlein JA, Sivitz WI: Mitochondrial function in diabetes: Novel methodology and new insight. Diabetes, Jun;62(6):1833-42, 2013.


"The search for knowledge appears endless, but incredibly exiting."