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Ayotunde Dokun, MD, PhD, FACE

Contact Information: 

Office: E400-D General Hospital
Phone: 319-467-9743
Faculty Profile 

Brief description of current research: 

It is well known that diabetes is associated with poor outcomes in humans with PAD. Our lab and others have shown that mice with diabetes have poorer outcomes following experimental PAD exemplified by poor perfusion recovery and higher tendency to develop limb necrosis.  Therefore, one of our goals is to explore how specific metabolic abnormalities in diabetes affect expression and function of recently identified novel genes involved in favorable adaptation following experimental PAD.  Additionally, we have identified several miRNA’s that appear to play a role in impaired post-ischemic adaption in diabetes. We are currently investigating the molecular mechanisms underpinning the role of these miRNA’s in diabetes vascular complications. Lastly, we hope insights gained from these studies would guide development of novel therapies for treatment of PAD in diabetes.

3 most influential diabetes/obesity/metabolism publications:

  • Ayotunde O. Dokun, MD, PhD*; Sehoon Keum*; Surovi Hazarika, MD, PhD; Younjun Li MD; Gregory M. Lamonte, Ferrin Wheeler, PhD; Douglas A. Marchuk PhD, Brian H.  (2008). A QTL (LSq-1) on Mouse Chromosome 7 is linked to the Absence of tissue, Loss Following Surgical Hind-limb Ischemia. Circulation, 117: 1207–1215  PMC2881228
  • Ayotunde O. Dokun, Chen Lingdan, Lanjewar SS, Lye RJ, Annex BH. (2014) Glycaemic control improves perfusion recovery and VEGFR2 protein expression in diabetic mice following experimental PAD. Cardiovascular Research 1;101(3):364-72.  PMC3928005
  • ​Lingdan Chen, Emmanuel Okeke, Dawit Ayalew, Danny Wang, Lyeba Shahid and Ayotunde O. Dokun (2017). Modulation of miR29a Improves Impaired Post-Ischemic Angiogenesis in Hyperglycemia. Experimental Biology and Medicine 242(14):1432-1443.


"“Fortuna Eruditis Favet”, “In the fields of observation, chance only favours the prepared mind." (Louis Pasture)