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Celebrating the accomplishments of Matthew Potthoff, PhD

December 2021

On September 23, the Carver College of Medicine hosted the Fall 2021 investiture to celebrate endowed faculty appointments.  The receipt of endowed chairs recognizes faculty whom have established a track record of accomplishment and whose ongoing success will pave the way for the future of medicine.  We are proud to announce that Matthew Potthoff, PhD, associate professor in the Department of Neuroscience and Pharmacology is the newest FOEDRC member appointed to an endowed chair.  Specifically, Dr. Potthoff  is the recipient of the Roy J. Carver Professorship in Neuroscience and Pharmacology. Dr. Potthoff’s research explores how peripheral hormonal cues signal the brain to control body weight and blood glucose levels. Potthoff and his research colleagues also study the role of epigenetics, which refers to the way in which the environment  alters how DNA ultimately makes proteins, in regulating activity  in brain cells and their impact on metabolism, neurodegeneration, and aging.

Endowed chairs are a valuable asset to the FOEDRC, as they confer prestige to the holder and University of Iowa; and contribute to our ability to recruit and retain the best diabetes and obesity scholars at the university and from institutions across the country.  Kudos to Dr. Potthoff!