Brandon Davies, PhD

Contact Information

Office: 3326 PBDB 
Phone: 319-335-3225 
Faculty Profile

Brief description of current research:

The primary focus of my laboratory is on the regulation of triglyceride-rich lipoprotein metabolism and fatty acid partitioning. Lipoprotein lipase (LPL) is the primary enzyme responsible for hydrolyzing lipoprotein triglycerides for the delivery of fatty acids to tissues.  My current research program investigates how angiopoietin-like proteins modulate LPL activity, alter fatty acid partitioning, and change metabolic phenotypes. 

3 most influential diabetes/obesity/metabolism publications:

  • Chi X, Britt EC, Shows HW, Hjelmaas AJ, Shetty SK, Cushing EM, Li W, Dou A, Zhang R, Davies BSJ. ANGPTL8 promotes the ability of ANGPTL3 to bind and inhibit lipoprotein lipase. Mol Metab. 2017 Jun 29;6(10):1137–1149. PMCID: PMC5641604
  • Cushing EM, Chi X, Sylvers KL, Shetty SK, Potthoff MJ, Davies BSJ. Angiopoietin-like 4 directs uptake of dietary fat away from adipose during fasting. Mol Metab. 2017 Jun 19;6(8):809–818. PMCID: PMC5518724
  • Davies BSJ, Beigneux AP, Barnes II RH, Tu Y, Gin P, Weinstein MM, Nobumori C, Nyrén R, Goldberg I, Olivecrona G, Bensadoun A, Young SG, Fong LG. GPIHBP1 is responsible for the entry of lipoprotein lipase into capillaries. Cell Metab. 2010 Jul 4;12(1):42–52. PMCID: PMC2913606