Honors and Accolades

Recent Fellowships and Awards

Jesse Cochran: Abel Lab

  • Awarded the Latham Science Engagement Initiative Fellowship.

Recent Grants Awarded:

Ajit Vikram, PhD:

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "Gut-microbiota regulated vascular miR-204 promotes diabetes-associated endothelial dysfunction”

Mark Yorek, PhD:

Yuriy Usachev, PhD:

Stefan Strack, PhD:

Modar Kassan, PhD:

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "miR-204/Sirt1 axis induces endothelial dysfunction by targeting vascular serotonin in diabetes/obesity”

Randy Kardon, MD, PhD:

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "VA-PO: Kardon/Hedberg Refine existing methodologies for quantitative and qualitative analysis of mouse to human optic nerve”

Denice Hodgson-Zingman, MD:

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "EP Fellowship Grant 2018-19 academic year”

Jessica Ponce: Grueter Lab

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "Dual Roles of Cyclin C in Heart Disease"

Maria Noterman: Taylor Lab

  • Awarded NIH Grant entitled "A Novel Role of Cav1.2 in Mitochondria"

E. Dale Abel, MD, PhD:

Recent Recognitions:​