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O’Neill and Matthew Potthoff help plan the international 2023 American Diabetes Association annual scientific meeting

June 2023

This year the American Diabetes Association (ADA) organizes an annual scientific meeting that is attended by thousands of diabetes researchers from across the globe. This is the largest and most important diabetes research meeting. This year, the ADA is expecting over 12,000 participants in their scientific meeting, which will be held June 23 - 26 in San Diego, California. The annual ADA scientific meetings serve as a crucial platform for the exchange of knowledge and advancements in the field of diabetes research. These conferences are planned and organized by select diabetes scientists who work to ensure a successful and impactful event.

We are proud of Brian O’Neill, MD, PhD and Matthew Potthoff, PhD, who were both selected to join the organizing committee for this year’s ADA conference. This honor recognizes them as diabetes research leaders.

Dr. O’Neill took charge of creating symposia focused on “In-Vivo Metabolism in Humans”. He collaborated with a variety of consultants to design a series of thought-provoking questions. 1. Only Time will Tell—Early Eating or Just Eating? 2. Chrononutrition for the Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes 3. Metabolic Adaptation to Weight Loss in Humans, and 4. Diabetic Myopathy and Muscle Metabolism. Dr. O’Neill found it very rewarding to assemble and discuss with his consultants, including Drs. Lisa Chow, Sarah J. Lessard, and Paolo Piaggi, who brought their expertise from the University of Minnesota, Joslin Diabetes Center, and NIH Arizona.

Dr. Potthoff served as one of the organizers for the Insulin Action/ Molecular sessions of the 2023 ADA Planning Committee. His responsibilities encompassed the entire process of shaping these sessions. Dr. Potthoff’s involvement started with generating innovative session ideas. He assisted with inviting speakers and chairs before reviewing abstracts. He also collaborated closely with the invited speakers to refine their presentations and create an informative program.

We are indebted to Drs. Brian O’Neill and Matt Potthoff for  volunteering their time and expertise to help organize this meeting aimed at finding better treatments, preventions, and cures for diabetes.