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Past Director's Reports

December 2023 - 9th Annual FOEDRC Retreat

November 2023 - Training the Next Generation of Diabetes Researchers

October 2023 -  Congratulations to the 2023-2024 FOEDRC Pilot & Feasibility Grant Recipients!

September 2023 - FOEDRC faculty member Anna Stanhewicz receives $3 million NIH grant

August 2023 - FOEDRC Metabolomics Core a World Class Facility that Serves Diabetes Researchers

July 2023 - Bridge to the Cure Funded Research is Now Published

June 2023 - O’Neill and Matthew Potthoff help plan the international 2023 American Diabetes Association annual scientific meeting 

May 2023 - Annual Diabetes Research Day 2023

April 2023 - FOEDRC Co-Director Kamal Rahmouni receives new funding

March 2023 - Center Faculty Member Authors International Practice Guidelines for Care of Cystic Fibrosis-Related Diabetes

February 2023 - Congratulations to our Bridge to the Cure new recipient

January 2023 - Recap of the FOEDRC's Annual Retreat 

2022 Directors' Reports

December 2022 - Pilot and Feasibility Grant Award Recipients Announced

November 2022 - Dr. Yorek is chasing down diabetic neuropathy

October 2022 - FOEDRC Faculty Won Two Major Awards

September 2022 - Hybrid Closed-Loop Insulin Pumps Might Protect Childhood Brain Development from the Adverse Effects of Type 1 Diabetes

August 2022 - FOEDRC Featured in New Video

July 2022 - Successful Diabetes Research Day 2022

June 2022 - Investiture Celebrated Endowed Faculty Appointments

May 2022 - Curing obesity and diabetes with a mushroom extract

April 2022 - A new approach to help treat type 2 diabetes

March 2022- Finding ways to improve blood flow in peripheral arterial disease associated with type 2 diabetes

February 2022- The Impactful Diabetes Research Career of Eva Tsalikian, MD

Janaury 2022- Farewell and Thank You

2021 Director's Reports

December 2021 - Celebrating the accomplishments of Matthew Potthoff, PhD 

November 2021 - Regulation of Muscle Energy Production and Strength in Diabetes

October 2021 - Early Pathogenesis of Cystic Fibrosis Related Diabetes

September 2021 - The Connection Between Sleep Disturbances and Cardiometabolic Disorder

August 2021 - Using Electromagnetic Fields to Treat Diabetes Attracts NIH Funding

July 2021 - The Next Wave of Diabetes Care

June 2021 - New FOEDRC study reveal how too much fat in insulin producing cells in the pancreas may lead to type 2 diabetes

May 2021 - FOEDRC research discover a new brain pathway that regulates body weight gain that is independent of the complications of obesity such as diabetes and high blood pressure

April 2021 - FOE Investigators invited to educate the diabetes research community on new hormones from the liver that regulate metabolism

March 2021 - FOEDRC Pioneering the Way

February 2021 - FOEDRC Research Reveals New Mechanism for How Gastric Bypass Bariatric Surgery Promotes Weight Loss and Reverses Diabetes

January 2021 - Too Much Sugar is Bad for the Heart

2020 Director's Reports

December 2020 - FOEDRC Member Dr. Vitor Lira Receives New Grant from the National Institutes of Health to Study Molecular Regulation of Protein Turnover in Skeletal Muscle

November 2020 - REMOTE CONTROL OF BLOOD SUGAR: Electromagnetic fields treat diabetes in animal models

October 2020 - Welcome to our newest FOEDRC member Dr. Bhagirath Chaurasia

September 2020 - DRC member receives ne grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to explore new mechanisms of brown fat cells-mediated metabolic protection

August 2020 - FOEDRC Member Matthew Potthoff discovers the part of the brain that causes a “Sweet Tooth”

July 2020 - Abel Lab Identifies Link Between Insulin Resistance and Diabetic Heart Failure

June 2020 -  FOEDRC Members Contribute to a Major Grant to the University of Iowa to Examine Environmental Factors that Contribute to Diabetes Risk

May 2020 - How too much fat damages the pancreas in Type 2 Diabetes

April 2020 - Dr. Sam Stephens is awarded two grants to study how beta cells fail in type 2 diabetes

March 2020 - Understanding Hunger: The Biology Behind Our Desire for Food

February 2020 - Abel to Lead One of Four Research Networks Supported by the American Heart Association

January 2020 - Endowed Chairs Bestowed on Three Exceptional FOEDRC Faculty

2019 Director's Reports 

December 2019 - Taylor Leads a Study That Suggests New Metabolic Target for Liver Cancer

November 2019 - Continuous Gratitude to the Fraternal Order of Eagles

October 2019 - FOEDRC Researcher Identifies a New Brain. Pathway that Regulates Food Intake and Metabolism.

September 2019 - FOEDRC Research Reveals that Excess Belly Fat is Linked to Early Death in Postmenopausal Women

August 2019 - Raising the Next Generation

July 2019 - Dokun named Endocrinology Division Director

June 2019 - Obesity and Prediabetes Increases Blood Pressure Overnight

May 2019 - E. Dale Abel named president-elect of the Endocrine Society

April 2019 - Research on Health Risk of Fried Food

March 2019 - UI Researchers Identify the Critical Regulators of Diabetic Muscle Weakness and Atrophy

Febraury 2019 - DRC member Ethan Anderson receives Department of Defense Discovery Award Grant

January 2019 - UI Researchers Turn Exercise Into a Game and See Encouraging Results