T32 Diabetes Research Training Program


Program Goals: There is a drastic need to devise better approaches to prevent, treat, and ultimately reverse diabetes. Our program aims to mentor and launch the next generation of investigators who will address these critical needs and focus their scientific efforts on diabetes. The Program is funded by a T32 grant from the NIH (T32 DK112751, current funding period is 2022-2027).

About the Program:

  • The Program provides support for postdoctoral training of physician and/or PhD scientists who aim to become independently funded investigators.
  • Research training occurs primarily under the direction of a mentor. The trainee and mentor work together to develop and implement a research plan.
  • Up to 6 trainees can be supported annually by the program.
  • Training support lasts 1-2 years, but can be combined with additional years of support from other sources. A 3rd year of funding can be considered for trainees who have received favorable comments on a nationally submitted Career Development Award proposal.
  • In addition to primary training in diabetes research, training education is also provided in diabetes, metabolism, grant writing, and research ethics.
  • Support for enrollment in a Masters programs related to clinical/translational biomedicine is available for trainees when directly relevant to their research programs.
  • Applications are accepted on a year-round basis, subject to position availability, and reviewed competitively.

Eligibility Criteria:


  • must have earned a doctoral level degree (e.g. PhD, MD, PharmD, DDS, etc.) and be postdoctoral fellow at the University of Iowa
  • must intend to continue in diabetes-related research after training
  • must be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • who are in clinical fellowship programs must have the vast majority of their time protected for research during the period of support


  • must have a track record of NIH research grant funding as Principal Investigator.
  • should have a strong track record in diabetes-centric NIH funding, or alternatively recruit a co-mentor with such track record.

The Proposed Research: must be directly relevant to diabetes.

Review Criteria: Proposals will be competitively reviewed, assessing the strength of the proposed research, relevance to diabetes, strength of the mentor(s), and career trajectory of the trainee. Ideally, trainees will show extraordinary promise as a future principal investigator and as such be earlier in their postdoctoral career.

For additional information about the grant or instructions to apply, contact Jonathan Thomas by email jonathan-t-thomas@uiowa.edu.