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Becton Dickinson Aria II

Instrument Details

Five Excitation Sources

  • 60 mW at 355nm (UV)
  • 100 mW at 405nm (Violet)
  • 100 mW at 488nm (Blue)
  • 50 mW at 561nm (Yellow-green)
  • 100 mW at 640nm (Red)

16 Measurement Channels

  • 14 fluorescent channels
  • 2 light scatter channels
  • Area, Height, and Width measurement available for all channels

Cell Sorting

  • Sort up to four populations simultaneously
  • Sort rates up to 22,000 cells per second
  • Sort purities up to 99%


  • Single or multiple deposition of cells into 96 or 384-well plates

Biosafe Environment 

  • Instrument biologically isolated by biosafety cabinet
  • Becton Dickinson Aerosol Management option with "Kevin Holmes/NIH" modification
  • Cell sorter room at negative pressure