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Multicolor Panel Designers

Designing a multicolor immunofluorescent antibody panel that optmizes fluorochromes with antigen density can be challenging given the abundance of antibody vendors, fluorochrome choices, and instrument configurations. The links on this page take you to tools that help streamline this process. Each of the panel design tools is tied to multiple antibody-vendor databases, making it simpler to find the right combination of antibodies and fluorochromes that match the instrument used for your experiment. Once the panel is designed, each allows you to save and print the panel for purchasing the antibodies.

Facility staff are happy to help in the design of your panel and encourage you to let us review your panel before ordering antibodies. By reviewing your antibody panel, we may be able to help you choose the best fluorochromes for a given instrument configuration. Switching one or two colors can have dramatic affects on the separation of positive from negative cell populations.


  • Includes all of the instruments in the main lab of the UI Flow Cytometry Facility.