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New Technology in Flow Cytrometry

Gene expression in single cells (mouse or human) using eBioscience PrimeFlowTM

Gene expression in lysates without PCR using ThermoFisher Quantigene RNA assay

  • ThermoFisher Quantigene RNA assay
    • Provides direct from lysate measurement of 3 to 80 target RNAs
    • Quantitatively measure multiple RNA targets simultaneously
    • High accuracy and precision using branch DNA (bDNA) signal amplification
    • No optimization required for multiplexing 3 to 80 target RNAs
    • Works with clinical research samples, including, H&E-stained FFPE, blood, and skin

Flow cytometry combined with image analysis

Amnis produces instruments that combine flow cytometry and image analysis into one unit. This is an instrument the Facility is considering for future services..

  • Amnis ImageStream Mark II
    • Combines the speed, statistical power, and fluorescence sensitivity of flow cytometry with the functional insights of high resolution microscopy
    • Can analyze up to 5,000 cells/sec
    • User interface provides real-time plotting and graphical gating (flow cytometry histograms and dot plots), as well as images of every cell
    • Works with sample volumes of 20-200 ul
    • 60x/40x/20x magnification options
    • Accepts up to 7 lasers
  • ImageStream Applications