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The ultimate goal of the Center is to foster scientific advancement in gene therapy by providing a focal point for gene therapy research on this campus. Through centralized core facilities, research meetings, and pilot grants, the Iowa Center for Gene Therapy provides a supportive, interactive, and collaborative environment at the University of Iowa that leads to the expansion of new initiatives in gene therapy-based research.

Administrative Core

  • Director: John F. Engelhardt, Ph.D.
  • Associate Director: Paul McCray, M.D.

The Administrative Core includes the Center Director, John Engelhardt;  Paul McCray, Associate Director, and Julie Stark, Program Coordinator. This Core coordinates and oversees multiple aspects of this Gene Therapy Core Center, and is intended to be a resource for center members. The mission of the administrative core includes oversight of financial documentation and accountability of the Center, membership and recruitment, scientific enrichment programs, and the pilot and feasibility project program. A primary function of the Administrative Core is to implement decisions made by the Executive Committee. Scientific functions of the core include evaluation of the services offered by the Research Cores and the solicitation and monitoring of pilot and feasibility projects. This includes recruitment efforts pertaining to adjunct Center Members and potential pilot project participants at consortium institutions involved in the Tissue Acquisition Program. Scientific enrichment programs administered by this Core include a gene therapy seminar series with internal and external speakers; journal and discussion clubs; a newsletter highlighting Center Members achievements; an Internet Web Site with listings of seminar schedules, research core services and, lastly, an annual retreat.

Executive Committee

This committee makes decisions on policy, Center membership status, appointments to membership, changes in the appropriation of Center resources, and changes in the scientific direction of Center activities. Particular attention of this committee is given to review of various core services and Center member usage, which is used as the foundation for reallocation of Center resources. The Executive Committee is aided in these functions by advice from individual investigators, from yearly surveys of Center Members, by formal reports from the Pilot and Feasibility Advisory Committee, and by the External Review Committee. The Center Executive Committee also reviews recommendations on potential Pilot projects made by the Pilot and Feasibility Advisory Committee. In summary, the Executive committee is the predominant decision making body in the administration of this Center, with the overall goal of ensuring that the Center is responsive and supportive to new developments in the field of gene therapy. With the approval of the Dean, the following individuals form the Executive Committee:

  • Dr. John Engelhardt (Chair) Director, Center for Gene Therapy of Cystic Fibrosis
  • Dr. Michael Welsh (Co-Chair) Director, Cystic Fibrosis Research Center
  • Dr. Paul McCray, Associate Director, Center for Gene Threapy of Cystic Fibrosis
  • Dr. Gary Rosenthal, Director, Clinical and Translational Science Institute
  • Dr. Barry London, Co-Director, Cardiovascular Research Center
  • Dr. Joseph Zabner, Director, Cells and Tissue Core
  • Dr. Katherine Gibson-Corley, Director, Comparative Pathology Core
  • Dr. Timothy Starner, Director, Clinical Core

Pilot and Feasibility Advisory Committee

The Internal Pilot and Feasibility Advisory Committee serves as one component of pilot grant review. In addition to external reviewers for each of the pilot and feasibility projects, Ad hoc internal reviewers may also be used depending on the area of expertise required for review. The following individuals comprise the Internal Pilot and Feasibility Advisory Committee for this Center:

  • Dr. John Engelhardt (Chair)
  • Dr. Michael Welsh (Co-Chair)
  • Dr. Joseph Zabner
  • Dr. Paul McCray
  • Dr. Timothy Starner