Comparative Pathology Core

Director: Katherine Gibson-Corley (; 1167 ML, 319-384-4430)

The Comparative Pathology Core’s (CPC) primary goal is to facilitate translational research in animal models of cystic fibrosis (CF) including mice, ferrets, and pigs. The CPC is a new Core within the Center and represents a more focused version of a previous Cell Morphology and Pathology Core. The CPC will be housed within the Department of Pathology and has access to human non-CF and CF tissue samples through two sources including the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and the National Disease Research Interchange. The CPC provides comprehensive necropsy, histology, and pathology services for animal models, as well as targeted studies such as the optimization of immunostaining protocols. The CPC houses instrumentation which allows for high-throughput optimization of immunostaining protocols and has access to morphologic equipment that allow for the scanning of large tissue areas and morphometric quantification of histologic endpoints (i.e., inflammation, quantification of cellular stains such as specific cell types, and quantification of organ remodeling). The CPC will function within the Comparative Pathology Laboratory whose mission is to provide veterinary pathology service and support to scientists investigating animal models of disease. Two board-certified veterinary pathologists oversee the CPC and will contribute to research studies from the experimental design to data analysis and writing manuscripts. These comparative veterinary pathologists are also able to assist in trouble-shooting and have regular interaction with Center Investigators and Animal Care to assure quality in experimental animal research, tissue collection and diagnostic medicine. The CPC is also a conduit for dissemination of CF pig and ferret tissue sections and blocks to investigators outside the University of Iowa and works closely with Center Investigators and the Center’s Animal Models Core in preparing specimens to meet this increasing need.

The specific aims of the Comparative Pathology Core are:

  • To provide histotechnology services to the Center Investigators through CPL resources and experienced staff.
  • To assist with professional necropsy services for Center Investigators.
  • To provide veterinary pathologists services to Center Investigators
  • To serve as a conduit for dissemination of histologic specimens from CF pig and ferret models to researchers outside the University of Iowa.