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Helping worldwide neuroscientists achieve their dream by studying human brains through the services of Iowa NeuroBank Core.

Planning your request for sample collection and preparation, documentation, grant support, and strategic partnering opportunities: 

1) Indicate whether you or your direct collaborators have used the method(s) proposed in this request with human postmortem tissue before, and any preliminary data.

2) If you have not performed a pilot study in human tissue, your first request should be an optimization and feasibility study to test a human tissue sample with your proposed methods.

3) If you are not sure precisely what tissue, tissue regions, or quantities are best for your research project, please schedule a consultation meeting before completing the tissue request.

4) The Tissue Request Form requires you to provide a detailed rationale for the number of subjects requested, the amount of tissue requested per subject, and the number of brain regions requested.

5) Funding resources: Although individuals or next-of-kin freely donate all tissues for research use, a sophisticated infrastructure is necessary to match samples with researchers and to procure, process, and prepare the shipping of these precious samples. Service fees are necessary to support this infrastructure.

Please follow the Acceptable Tissue Amount Guidelines when submitting your request.

  • qPCR ≤ 5mg
  • Bulk RNASeq: gray or white matter ≤ 60mg
  • Single-cell RNAseq: ≤ 100mg
  • Slide-Based Assays (e.g., in situ hybridization, laser-capture microdissection): ≤ 6 sections per condition
  • FACS sorting with NeuN:  ≤ 100mg of gray matter
  • HITS-CLIP:  ≤ 300mg
  • Immunoblot: ≤ 10mg of tissue per protein examined
  • Immunohistochemistry:  Sufficient tissue for ≤ 6 sections for immunolabeling
  • Mass Spec:
  1. Simple Mass Spec with no enrichment or multidimensional fractionation: ≤ 15mg
  2. Mass Spec with sucrose density gradient based sub-cellular enrichment: ≤ 350mg
  3. Mass Spec with multidimensional separation with or without isobaric labeling tags (eg., TMT or iTRAQ): ≤ 150mg
  4. Co-IP with Mass Spec: 50 – 500mg
  5. Mass Spec for post-translational modifications: 50 – 500mg

Contact us (li-chun-lin@uiowa.edu) about the process for requesting samples and the catalog systems. 

Please submit the request form and research agreement for any tissue or service requests. Once these two forms have been submitted, the NeuroBank team will review the information and contact the investigator(s) for next steps. These steps include:

  1. Investigator contacts the NeuroBank for Core orientation and project overview
  2. Investiagtor completes the forms to initiate a project.
  3. The “Title of Research Plan” will appear at the top of your MTA.
  4. NeuroBank Team reviews forms and sends MTA if necessary
  5. NeuroBank completes MTA if necessary
  6. NeuroBank shipps/sends samples
  7. Investigators returns the associated publications