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Iowa Inflammation Program: Projects

-Staphylococcus_aureus,_50,000x,_USDA,_ARS,_EMU from CC3 License

Microbial Evasion/Resistance of innate host defenses

Drs. AllenApicellaBarkerNauseefSutterwalaWeiss

Neutrophil_with_anthrax from CC 2.5 Wikipedia

Mechanisms of phagocytosis and intracellular killing and microbial degradation.

Drs. AllenApicellaBarkerNauseefWeiss

Host Defense Protein from wikipedia CC2.5

Structure and function of host defense proteins

Drs. Banfi,NauseefWeiss

Pro-inflammatory actions of conserved microbial products and their detoxification and clearance

Drs. ApicellaWeiss

Mechanisms of Sterile Inflammation

Dr. Sutterwala

Signal transduction in inflammation

Drs. AllenApicellaBanfiNauseefSutterwala