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Atypical Spitz Nevus Clinical Case Example

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  1. July 2010: Evaluated by her dermatologist with a right auricular "pink, scaly nodule' with a 9 mm punch biopsy done and interpreted as:
    1. "severely atypical spitzoid nonmelanocytic proliferation" (local pathologist)
      with UIHC review
    2. "atypical Spitz nevus but do not feel there is severe atypia" (UIHC dermatopath team)
  2. August 2010: 32-year-old woman presented to us with the history that 3 months previously a rapidly appearing dark mole appear (appearing over the space of a week or 2) developed in her right antihelical region.
  3. Management:
    1. “excision right auricular spitz lesion with porcine skin graft’ 1 ½ hour local anesthesia. Prescription for levaquin 500 mg tabs one po qd for 10 days, “begin the am of ear lesion resection” - preauricular lesion also removed -
      followed 7 days (+/- 2 days) later by
    2. “reconstruction of right ear defect with full thickness skin graft” 1 ½ H general anesthesia
  4. Pathology from resection:
    1. Skin, right ear, excision: Biopsy site with focal residual Spitz nevus, resection margins not involved. Cartilage, deep antihelical, excision: Cartilage with no diagnostic abnormality.
    2. Skin, preauricular, biopsy: Compound nevus.